What is "the50btcfund"?

We made our money in the early days of Bitcoin and we decided to start a fund to help future Blockchain developers create the wonderful technologies that gave us our break in the first place

We know how difficult it is for founders to get a project off the ground. We also want to help protect the ecosystem as well. We don't think it's necessary for every single project to launch a pre-sale and/or crowd sale.

We think having a "proof of concept" or "working product" is better for cryptocurrencies and better for developers.

So we reserved 50 BTC of our own money (over $800k at time of writing) to award to founders that pitch us... of which we will pay immediately 2-5 BTC per project to applicants we think have an interesting concept.

We hope with enough money for a roof over your head, food in your belly and full time support from our community, you can create your working product and launch it properly without diluting your work and putting tokens into the hands of the wrong people.

Sounds interesting? Read on to find out more...

Who do we fund?

We invest in Blockchain startups of all different sizes and ambitions.

  • We will fund projects at any stage of development: idea, seed, prototype, launched etc. Of course the further along the way your concept has been developed, the more help we can give you.
  • But the most important thing is good ideas and giving us belief that you are the right person/team to execute the idea.
  • We fund teams of all different sizes but we prefer 2-3 people teams with at least one strong technical founder.
  • We invest in all kinds of projects. New cryptocurrencies, tokens, dapps, content sites, wallets, exchanges etc. If you can make the cryptocurrency ecosystem better, we want to help fund you.
  • There are no restriction on where you are located. We invest in teams around the world.
  • Obviously for legal reasons you must be over 18 years of age.

What do we expect in return for our investment?

We invest a fixed amount (2-5 BTC per project) in return for a simple 15% ownership in your project.

  • We will expect you to incorporate your business and have a bank account. We can help with this and once accepted, we will transfer the investment to the account. The50BTCFund will be awarded 15% of the outstanding shares in the new business.
  • We do not interfere with the day to day running of your company. Or impose limits on how you spend your investment.
  • We do expect you to participate in our community, where you will be supported along the way by our mentors and fellow founders.
  • We do expect monthly progress updates on the project and your runway. You will be given templates to help you report back to us.

Who are we?

So you want our story?

Well it starts in the summer of 2011. We are two old-timers running a small taxi company in central London. We drove the taxi ourselves, covering the morning and night shift. Times were difficult but as luck would have it, we had a fare that summer that insisted on paying us in Bitcoin. We weren't too keen but it was either payment in magical internet money or no payment whatsoever so we agreed.

We never thought about the Bitcoin payment until a couple of years later when Bitcoin was all over the news. To our utter amazement, when we checked how much we had, the amount that we had been paid that night was now worth a substantial fortune!

We were under no pretences. It's quite easy to lose yourself when a moment of great fortune changes your life forever. Bitcoin gave us an amazing opportunity and we spent the following years reading up more about cryptocurrencies and this space.

The taxi company is long since gone but we've continued to invest in cryptocurrencies and ambitious blockchain startups. Towards the end of last year we decided to set up this fund and take our investing game to the next level.

Bitcoin made us into millionaires and we want to do the same for the next generation...

What do people say about the50btcfund?

Don't believe those salicious rumours that we may have made up these testimonials ourselves...

Apply for Funding

OK, we know what you're thinking. Is this all I need to do to get $40k worth of funding? Sadly we don't have YCombinator/Andreessen Horowitz or DCG levels of infrastructure so we want you to make a basic pitch below and we'll get in touch if we think the idea is promising:

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